For my grand entrance…

I’m writing again!

I am currently working on my first scholarly project since graduation, and it will be ready to post shortly. I’m very excited. My topic is American Gothic Revival furniture. As you’ll notice if you go back to my last post, this topic was on my list but not necessarily my primary interest. However, I am taking a class on American furniture, and I needed to write a final paper on a topic relating to American furniture. So there you go. I’m finding it really interesting so far. One unexpected side effect is that I’m starting to notice pointed arches and tracery everywhere. I went out to dinner last night, and I kept looking around the restaurant picking out pointed arches. It was an Italian restaurant, in case you were wondering.

I felt kind of strange when I started this project. I used to write papers like this about once a week in college, but after not doing it for a while, I felt a little out of practice. Add to that the fact that my last research project was a 100+ page thesis, which was all about expanding my topic as much as possible, and this is going to be only eight pages, which makes it all about narrowing the topic, and I ended up staring at my blank screen for a few days trying to remember how to do this. After I finally got myself to start writing, however, I realized it’s just like riding a bike. I also realized that I stare at a blank word document for at least one day every time a write a paper, but once I get myself to stop thinking so much and start writing, it’s all fine. In other words, there’s nothing new about my temporary writers block; I just forgot to expect it.

So! Are you excited to read my new work? Do you think looking for pointed arches is weird or totally understandable?

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