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"The Central Park Prize Ring", print, published in Harper's Weekly, Feb. 1867. Image provided by Bill Styple.
“The Central Park Prize Ring”, print, published in Harper’s Weekly, Feb. 1867. Image provided by Bill Styple.

Once again, I am flabbergasted by others’ great interest in the topics I am writing about. I have received lot of awesome feedback and suggestions from readers about pretty much everything I have posted. All of their material is so great that I really wanted to dedicate a post to each one, but they are arriving faster that I can post them. Thus, I have decided to do this news roundup-type of post to ensure all of this wonderful content is passed along. So, here is some of what I’ve been learning about this week.

First of all: Many of my history-loving readers are probably familiar with the History Channel show Pawn Stars. Even if you don’t normally watch, you should really consider tuning in tonight, because Stuart Lutz will be making an appearance. Stuart is a historic documents and autographs dealer and appraiser; he will be talking about a George Washington letter. Pawn Stars airs on Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern on the History Channel. In the meantime, visit Stuart’s website and browse his inventory. I have been working for him since June, and I think this is either his second or third appearance on Pawn Stars.

Another great supporter of mine, Danielle Ann Millican, sent me a link to this article that suggests gargoyles may soon become a big collecting trend. Considering how many gargoyle lovers I have already met through this blog, I don’t find it too hard to believe. The article has excellent gargoyle photos to enjoy as well. Visit Danielle and her selection of fine art prints on her website.

Beatrice de Trobriand, carte de visite by Matthew Brady, c. 1863-4. Photo provided by Bill Styple.
Beatrice de Trobriand, carte de visite (photograph), by Matthew Brady, c. 1863-4. Image provided by Bill Styple.

Bill Styple, who should probably be named patron on my blog, since he follows all my posts and sends me such great material about my topics, sent me these vintage skating photos. Above is a carte de visite (19th-century genre of photograph) by Matthew Brady, and below is a photo of skaters in Central Park by E. & H. T. Anthony. At the top of this post is a print of a similar subject from Harper’s Weekly. Bill said that I can find more in old issues of Harper’s Weekly, which I will do as soon as I have more time. Bill is a Civil War scholar and author of several books. If you are at all interested in the Civil War or in art, you should visit Belle Grove Publishing online and consider reading one of his many excellent books.

Skaters in Central Park, photograph by E. & H. T. Anthony, Photographers, 1866. Image provided by Bill Styple.
Skaters in Central Park, photograph by E. & H. T. Anthony, Photographers, 1866. Image provided by Bill Styple.

In response to my dance history post last night, my friend and ballroom teammate Gaby L. has suggested that I look into Vienna, The Blue Danube, and the origins of the Viennese Waltz. Sounds like a plan.

Finally, please visit and follow Echoes of the Past. This Word Press is run by Lynne, who lives in England and travels around the countryside visiting old churches, which she photographs for her blog. We had a nice gargoyle conversation the other day, and she has since began posting a bunch of gargoyle photos she said she has been accumulating. Her archive of medieval architecture photos is extensive. Thanks, my new English friend!

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