I’d like to thank the Academy (aka Awards Time)

Big news! I have received two awards. 🙂 Emily has given me the Dragon Loyalty Award, and Teagan has given me the Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award. Emily’s award was actually two weeks ago now, but I didn’t realize at first that I have to post something in return to accept it. Sorry Emily!!

To accept the Dragon Loyalty Award, I have to post seven interesting facts about myself. Here goes:

  1. I am a competitive figure skater and coach, as well as a ballroom dancer. Most people know one of those things or the other, but I bet most of you didn’t know both.
  2. I recently earned my first degree yellow belt in Kung Fu.
  3. I was a math tutor and T.A. in college.
  4. I have been sewing since I was little. My mother and grandmother taught me. I started with doll’s dresses and then moved on to making my own Halloween costumes. I started designed for theatre and dance in college.
  5. I have a love-hate relationship with my curly hair.
  6. I used to be terrified of dogs when I was little. Now, I love them.
  7. I was one of the tallest ten-year-olds I knew, but then I abruptly stopped growing. When I graduated high school, I was the exact same height I was at the end of elementary school.

Now, it is my turn to give awards of my own. Therefore, I nominate the following people for both the Dragon Loyalty Award and the Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award:

Thanks so much for being such awesome readers and bloggers, all of you!

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