Vintage Curling (not your hair)

Photo from My Little Paris.

Despite spending hours and hours of my life on the ice, I don’t know much about the sport of curling (it’s not practiced in most skating rinks), but I really enjoy this vintage photograph of curling being played outside. I’m not sure where it was taken, but I found it in this cool article about curling on the frozen Seine in Paris. I would absolutely try that! The link was forwarded to me by my mother. Thanks Mom!

3 thoughts on “Vintage Curling (not your hair)

    1. That’s actually really interesting to me. In the U.S., I have only skated on one rink that also had the markings for curling, and that was the Lake Placid Olympic Center.

      I guess things are done differently in different places, though. One of my coaches, who was an Olympic medalist in 1976, told me that her Olympic practices took place at the same time as long track speed skating. The figure skaters would skate in the center and the speed skaters around the perimeter. That could have gotten really deadly really quickly if someone has fallen and slid!

      1. Yeh, that sounds pretty dangerous! In the UK, a lot of rinks are not Olympic sized and most are marked out for curling, especially in Scotland. I skated at about four rinks on a regular basis so I could practice.

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