Blogging 201 Update

Pierre Auguste Renoir,
Pierre Auguste Renoir, “By the Seashore”, 1883. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photo by me.

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend working on this past week’s Blogging 201 tasks #2 – #5. Accordingly, you’ll notice that I have made some changes to the look and feel of A Scholarly Skater. I’ve improved the header image and come up with a new subtitle, among other things. I’ve added and subtracted from my menu and sidebar, included social media links, and created new landing pages for my Art Crimes Awareness, Gargoyles and Grotesques, and Nerd Candy categories in order to better highlight some of my best old posts.

I’m also compiling a tentative blogging calendar for the next month. I plan to publish a Gargoyle of the Day every Sunday starting with next week. I know that makes it more of a gargoyle of the week, but I don’t plan to change the name. I’ll make two mid-week posts about other gargoyle-related topics, probably drawing from the tentative outline I’m making for a future gargoyle-related book, and I’ll publish an art crimes-related article at the end of August. Additionally, I will aim to highlight two pieces of Nerd Candy each week on A Scholarly Skater’s Facebook page, so be sure to like that page  to enjoy all the nerdy sweetness.

I was really glad to see that assignment two was about auditing your brand, since that’s something I have wanted to do for a while. I didn’t include it as one of my three goals on day one, but I certainly thought about doing so. My brand should introduce me as an art historian and a researcher, so I want it to reflect my own unique, nerdy, and slightly quirky sensibility. However, I also want to be taken seriously, and I often fear that people look at my blog and think it is written by an annoying teeny-bopper.  In other words, I understand that there is a very fine line between being true to yourself and being a bit too obsessed with being unique in the way I used to see on my classmates’ MySpace pages in high school. Although I rarely ever write about it, figure skating is a huge part of my identity and has been pretty much ever since I can remember, so I want it to be part of my blogging identity as well. I would like to think that dual skater-scholar identity is part of my “hook” as a blogger, and I’ve tried to highlight that in my redesign of my brand. On the other hand, I’ve also tried to identify and reconfigure the places where it might come across as immature rather than charming.

I’m still making changes, so feel free to leave me comments and suggestions about my blog and my brand. I’m particularly interested to know how readers see my brand, and I’m always happy to give return feedback as well.

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