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Halloween Creatures in Five Centuries of Art (HeadStuff)

Witches’ Sabbath (The Great He-Goat) by Francisco Goya, 1821-3. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons.
It wouldn’t be Halloween if I didn’t write at least once about creepy creatures in art. (Did you really think I wasn’t going to do it this year?) Well, HeadStuff just posted my article “Halloween Creatures in Five Centuries of Art”, in which I take a look at how imaginings of witches, vampires, demons, and other Halloween characters have evolved throughout Western art history. Check it out!

Thank you so much to HeadStuff  for publishing me again after I took some time off from writing for them. It’s nice to be back. If you love HeadStuff as much as I do, please consider supporting their endeavors on Patreon.

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