Follow Me On Pinterest! (and other announcements)

A Scholarly Skater pinterest

Please follow A Scholarly Skater on Pinterest. There, you will find lots of photos of my favorite things, like Hudson River School paintings, stained glass, and spectacular architecture. If you followed the account that was previously linked to this blog, this is a different one that’s going to be more specifically tailored to what I write about here on my website. You’ll find some art on other account, alongside lots of pictures of skating dresses I want and stuff like that. Feel free to follow both if you like.

Also, while I’m in announcements mode, please remember to visit my friends at DailyArt Magazine early and often to enjoy all the great content they’ve been posting. You may have noticed that I’ve stopped reblogging my articles that appear there, but I’ve still been writing up a storm for them. I’m just making you guys actually follow the magazine now to find them. My recent pieces include the Unicorn Tapestries and John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Finally, I recently started working on an e-learning course on Gothic Architecture for Citaliarestauro. This is a cool company that produces courses in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I believe you’ll eventually be able to take my course in all three languages. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

How’s your summer going? See any good art recently? Next month, I’m going to a very cool place to see some cool things. Stay tuned.

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