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You Can Now Take My Gothic Architecture Course Online

Exeter Cathedral Gothic Architecture
Exeter Cathedral in the United Kingdom. Photo by Gary Campbell-Hall via Flickr. Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).

For the past few months, I’ve been working with, a Portuguese e-learning company specializing in art history, to create an online course about the history of Gothic architecture. I’m so excited to announce that it is now available for purchase!

In my course, you’ll learn about topics like:

  • The origins and development of the Gothic style.
  • Gothic’s main architectural and aesthetic features in France, England, and elsewhere.
  • How Gothic buildings stand up.
  • Gothic decoration, including sculpture, stained glass, and tracery.
  • The ideology behind the Gothic church, and how it fit into medieval society and religion.
  • Gothic secular buildings.
  • The Gothic Revival and the fate of Gothic structures since the Middle Ages.

You can see the entire outline on the course page.

The course costs €52,00, which is about $60.00 in the U.S. If you sign up, you can access the course 24/7 for 30 days. There’s a test at the end, and passing it gets you a Professional Learning Certificate, because is a Certificate Certified Training Institution in the EU.

The course will be perfect for people who already enjoy Gothic architecture and want to know more about it and also for people who are planning trips to Europe (particularly France and England) are want to understand what they’re going to see.  I hope lots of people will take my course and learn a lot from it, since this is a topic that really excites me and a project that I’ve worked hard on. If you need some convincing about why Gothic architecture is awesome, I have written lots of posts about it and other forms of medieval art and architecture.

Thanks so much to Fátima, founder and CEO of the project, for hiring me and being so great to work with.

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2 thoughts on “You Can Now Take My Gothic Architecture Course Online

  1. so much gothic architecture in Portugal, Tomar, Batalha, Guarda ,you can go visit my family and see it all, small country! lorraine

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