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Belated Women’s History Month: Giovanna Garzoni

Giovanna Garzoni (1600-1670) was an Italian Baroque still life painter much admired in her time but rather forgotten since then. March 2020 was supposed to be her big month, since a trio of Florentine arts institutions planned a major exhibition and art challenge in her honor for Women’s History Month. Unfortunately, Italy went into lockdown before the exhibition could ever open, but the related Garzoni Challenge is still open for submissions by artists around the world.

Giovanna Garzoni, Cherries in a Silver Compote with Crab Apples on a Stone Ledge and a Fritillary Butterfly.
Giovanna Garzoni, Cherries in a Silver Compote with Crab Apples on a Stone Ledge and a Fritillary Butterfly. Private collection. Image via

In my article for DailyArt Magazine, I tell you all about Giovanna Garzoni, her paintings, and the art challenge that she has inspired. I had never heard of her before I saw the press release for the Garzoni Challenge, but now I’ve fallen in love with her beautiful still life paintings. I’m so glad that I can finally share my article after a long delay.

Giovanna Garzoni – A Baroque Painter Inspires an Art Challenge“. Published on DailyArt Magazine, April 1, 2020.

The Garzoni Challenge is organized by Advancing Women Artists (AWA). This Italian non-profit is dedicated to promoting the legacies of historical female artists, working with museums in Tuscany to conserve and display artworks by women. AWA’s mission is to get these women’s art out of museum storage, restore it to its former glory, and put it on permanent public display. AWA has already raised awareness of many accomplished but forgotten female artists, most recently through its restoration of a major Last Supper fresco by Italian nun Plautilla Nelli (1524-1588). AWA also helps to support the many female curators, academics, and conservators in the Florence area. I wrote about AWA for DailyArt Magazine back in 2018. Read all about it below.

The Advancing Women Artists Foundation – Rediscovering Female Artists in Florence“. Published on DailyArt Magazine, September 27, 2018.

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