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I made myself a gown!! Here’s how.

Among my more random and little-mentioned pastimes is sewing, which I’ve been doing since when I was little. I sometimes design costumes for local theatre productions, but I mostly just enjoy making costumes for myself which I have far more occasion to use than one might expect. Most recently, I made myself a ballroom dance… Continue reading I made myself a gown!! Here’s how.

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“Fasching” begins: an introduction to Viennese Ball Season

This post was inspired by several things: my interest in ballroom culture and history, my love of the Viennese Waltz, my desire to visit Vienna (so much that I asked for Vienna travel guides for Christmas last year), and a few recent conversations about masquerade balls. After doing some basic research on the subject, I… Continue reading “Fasching” begins: an introduction to Viennese Ball Season

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Artistic Activities and Historic Happenings

Once again, I am flabbergasted by others' great interest in the topics I am writing about. I have received lot of awesome feedback and suggestions from readers about pretty much everything I have posted. All of their material is so great that I really wanted to dedicate a post to each one, but they are… Continue reading Artistic Activities and Historic Happenings