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Nerd Candy: Doodles in Medieval Manuscripts

I loved medieval graffiti, and now I find out that there are medieval doodles, too! What more could a history nerd want? I just came across an article on Colossal (a very cool site, by the way, so be sure to follow it) about some work being done by Erik Kwakkel, a manuscript historian at Leiden University. Kwakkel is… Continue reading Nerd Candy: Doodles in Medieval Manuscripts

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Costuming the Colonists

I just found a really cool article about the historic costuming worn by employees at Colonial Williamsburg. I'm fascinated! It sounds like the world's biggest theatrical production. I love costume design and historic costume, but I really don't think I would survive in a costume department like that. I wouldn't mind being their researcher and/or model, though. ;-)There… Continue reading Costuming the Colonists

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Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter

Australian photographer Bill Gekas has been getting a lot of attention recently. His work has been featured everywhere from Buzzfeed to The Magazine Antiques, and I think I'll give him some press here as well. Gekas's work consists of portraits of his young daughter dressed up and posed in the style of Old Master paintings. I… Continue reading Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter

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Recommended Link: Historic Hotels of America

I have been writing about New York Deco and the Art Deco movement in general for several days now. Somehow, what started out as a slightly-longer-than-usual post has become a marathon of information, thoughts, research, and photographs. I'm pretty sure I submitted (and got A's for) really solid college papers that weren't this comprehensive. With… Continue reading Recommended Link: Historic Hotels of America

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The First Bit of My Gargoyle Research

I have started reading the first of the three gargoyle books I got from the library: Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings by Janetta Rebold Benton, an art history professor at Pace University. I have only read the introduction so far, but it was lengthy and contained lots of good material, so I thought I… Continue reading The First Bit of My Gargoyle Research

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Artistic Activities and Historic Happenings

Once again, I am flabbergasted by others' great interest in the topics I am writing about. I have received lot of awesome feedback and suggestions from readers about pretty much everything I have posted. All of their material is so great that I really wanted to dedicate a post to each one, but they are… Continue reading Artistic Activities and Historic Happenings

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A History of Glitter and Glamour on Ice

If you are at all interested in figure skating and its history, be sure to check out the IceStage Archive. This website is the work of Roy Blakey, a former show skater who has a vast collection of ice show memorabilia and conducts research into its history. His website provides a fascinating look at the… Continue reading A History of Glitter and Glamour on Ice