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If you’ve enjoyed the material on this blog, how would you like to read some more? Below is a selection of my work on other websites, including guest posts and social media. For more about my work, visit my business website, too.


HeadStuff.org is an excellent, Ireland-based website that publishes arts, history, culture, science, and technology-related articles. I’ve contributed quite a few articles there. View them all on my writer profile, or skip to the highlights.

A True Art Adventure: The Real-Life Story of the Monuments Men (March 13, 2014)

The Origin of the World’s Art: Prehistoric Cave Paintings (May 7, 2014)

A Brief History of Art Forgery in Four Crazy Case Studies (July 15, 2014)

Cultural Heritage in Peril: Ancient Victims of Modern War in the Middle East (August 7, 2014)


Guest Posts!

On a few occasions, I’ve been asked to write articles for some pretty awesome blogs. I consider this a huge honor, so I always endeavor to make these guest posts some of my best work. The owners of these sites are very talented bloggers, so be sure to explore their excellent posts as well as mine.

Susan Abernethy, aka The Freelance History Writer, is a prolific historian who writes wonderful articles on a variety of topics, particularly related to women in history. In the summer of 2014, I wrote an article for her about American art collector Isabella Stewart Gardner. Isabella Stewart Gardner: the Lady, the Legend, the Legacy (August 29, 2014).

Janis of JBLyle.com writes about the Middle Ages and shares many of my interests, such as illuminated manuscripts and medieval graffiti. At her request, I wrote her an article on the latter topic in the fall of 2014. Medieval Graffiti in English Churches: the fascinating new discovery of a very old tradition.

Historical Agent Carter is a great little Tumblr dedicated to World War Two-era history, particularly items that relate to Agent Peggy Carter of the Marvel universe. I sometimes post my Women of World War Two findings to that site.

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