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An Art Quote for the Quote Challenge

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. – Pablo Picasso

Thanks to Belinda O. and her excellent taste in quotations, I was inspired to find and post a meaningful quote relating to the theme of my blog. This one is both relevant and true.  No matter your preferred medium or form of expression, the acts of making and enjoying art truly have a cleansing effect on the mind and the soul. Taking in a beautiful creative work transports you from your ordinary life into a richer world where emotions are stronger and ideas are more meaningful. It’s not always a fun or happy place, but you always feel better when the experience is over. This is equally true for music, theatre, dance, and even ice skating as it is for painting, sculpture, and photography. I’m pretty sure it’s why we all enjoy the arts, whether we chose to make them, observe them, or both.

If my quote has inspired you, maybe consider finding and posting one (or more) of your own. I would love to read them!

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5 thoughts on “An Art Quote for the Quote Challenge

  1. That’s a beautiful quote, and a reminder to all of us of the importance of art in our lives (I almost wrote “art and beauty,” then I remembered some of your gargoyles. Not all are beautiful in a traditional manner, but uplifting in their own way!) Thank you for your commitment to an informed, appealing blog for those of us with a lesser art background.

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