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Gargoyle(s) of the Day: Glynallen Castle

Glynallen grotesque
He reminds me of a French Bulldog puppy.

Just when you thought Gargoyle of the Day was gone forever, it pops back up again!

I found these two critters on an old camera. I took their photos on a 2012 trip to Glynallen Castle, a mansion in Morris Plains, NJ. Glynallen Castle was built between 1913 and 1917 by architect Charles I. Berg for printing entrepreneur George Allen. Allen was obsessed with an English Tudor castle called Compton Wynyants that provided a lot of inspiration for the house. Motifs such as grotesques, stained class, tracery, and heraldic themes appear throughout.

Glynallen grotesque full
On his pedestal – check out the knight below!

Glynallen Castle was home to the 2012 Mansion in May, a charity designer show house. I found these two wonderful grotesques while touring the mansion. Visit the Mansion in May website to learn more about Glynallen.

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