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Learn to Evaluate Museum Exhibitions

I’m so pleased to announced the latest offering in my online learning series. Be the Critic is your guide to understanding the messages that art exhibitions share with their viewers.

This eight-lesson course introduces readers to the idea that museum exhibitions aren’t the neutral entities they may seem. Rather, they have stories to tell, perspectives to suggest, ideas to propose, and the capacity to make you see art in completely new ways. By introducing the tools at the art curator’s disposal, including the selection of artworks, textual accompaniments, exhibition design, and structure, the course will help readers identify the many choices that together add up to an exhibition with a point of view. This knowledge will provide a richer and more valuable exhibition-visiting experience, and my hope is that it will also empower art lovers to confidently evaluate exhibitions for themselves.

Be the Critic: How to Evaluate Museum Exhibitions costs $5 for lifetime access. Click here to check out it.

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