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Marble House (My Newport Adventures)

  The Marble House (completed in 1892) was designed by Alva Vanderbilt, who was then the wife of William K. Vanderbilt. The house was designed by Richard Morris Hunt with decoration by Jules Allard and Sons. Ever the manipulative sort, Alva talked her husband into putting the Marble House in her name before it was even built. So when she divorced… Continue reading Marble House (My Newport Adventures)

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Ask the Scholarly Skater #1 – Your Art Questions Answered

I recently polled my Facebook friends about their burning art-related questions. I got four great questions, for which I hope I gave four good answers. Do you have an art question you want answered? Let me know in the comments!   Question: Why do Greek and Roman gods always appear naked? Answer: Different cultures and religions… Continue reading Ask the Scholarly Skater #1 – Your Art Questions Answered