The Gargoyle Appreciation Society

One of the most rewarding aspect of writing this blog has definitely been realizing how many other people share my fascination with gargoyles and grotesques! It has been so wonderful and surprising to hear friends and readers tell me they enjoy my gargoyle posts and miss them when I take a break from them. It… Continue reading The Gargoyle Appreciation Society

American Art

December 9th: Skating Carnival Montreal by William Notman

I've seen this image before, in a book about ice skating history. This work by Scottish-Canadian photographer William Notman (1826-1891) depicts an elaborate gala at Montreal's Victoria Rink in 1870. The event was to honor Prince Albert of the UK. It looks like a painting or print, but it's actually a colored albumen photographic print. I can't get… Continue reading December 9th: Skating Carnival Montreal by William Notman

Contemporary Art

Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter

Australian photographer Bill Gekas has been getting a lot of attention recently. His work has been featured everywhere from Buzzfeed to The Magazine Antiques, and I think I'll give him some press here as well. Gekas's work consists of portraits of his young daughter dressed up and posed in the style of Old Master paintings. I… Continue reading Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter