Art Appreciation 101

Beginner-Friendly Art Styles – Suggestions for New Museum Visitors

For those of you new to the art-viewing, museum-going experience, do you feel unsure what to see first? If so, I can make a few suggestions. I've come up with three areas that I think are particularly accessible and enjoyable to new viewers. You'll find them in most major museums, and they also happen to be among my favorites.

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Art That Inspires Me: Faiyum Mummy Portraits

During Egypt's Roman period (c. 30 BCE - 330 CE), many beautiful portraits were made in and around the area of Faiyum (or Fayum). They were mummy portraits, which means that they were attached to mummy wrappingsĀ to cover the mummy's head. Discover what makes them so vivid and special.

Ancient & Classical Art · Fun Facts

The Hidden Colors of Antiquity

We're used to thinking of ancient Greek sculptures as plain white. We look at them and clearly see that they're made of white marble with no other colors whatsoever. But, the truth is exactly the opposite. Learn about how the ancient Greeks and Romans painted their statuary and see what this might have originally looked like.