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Look at all the interlace!

armory 1I was back in my favorite place, the Park Avenue Armory, this week for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair. It was very exciting, especially because I was attending in an official business capacity this time! While I was there, I gave myself a little tour of the period rooms and saw this beautiful Celtic-inspired interlace ceiling in one of the rooms. Isn’t it amazing?

armory 2This is just the center section of the ceiling, but the rest of it is decorated in the same manner as well. There are people and animals incorporated into the interlace, maybe to tell some mythological story. It was almost like the architectural version of a Celtic manuscript. (It also made me feel a little like I was at the Golden Hall of Edoras.) I’m not sure what the name of this room is, but here is a picture of the whole thing, from the Armory’s website. I am beginning to get as excited when I find interlace as I am when I see gargoyles.

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