European Art

December 22nd: A Young Girl Dressed Up for Christmas by Kate Greenaway

Kate Greenaway Little Girl
A Young Girl Dressed Up for Christmas, Wearing a Fur Coat and Muff and Carrying a Holly Branch by Kate Greenaway. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons
Isn’t this little girl so charming and sweet-looking in her fur-trimmed coat and big hat? She was drawn by British illustrator Kate Greenaway (1846-1901), who specialized in such¬†images of well-dressed children. This one looks like she’s trying to be all grown up, but she really¬†reminds me of my American Girl doll. The long holly branch in her hand only emphasizes how small she is. I remember being excited to get all dressed up for Christmas when I was this little girl’s age. Greenaway illustrated many books for children, but this drawing doesn’t seem to have come from any of them.

Bonus: A found this illustration through this article about historical Christmas art. In addition to the Greenaway drawing and the Viggo Johansen painting I featured yesterday, there are a whole bunch of other gorgeous works of art to enjoy there.

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