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Six Female Artists of the Hudson River School

Laura Woodward
Laura Woodward; Jungle Rain, Palm Beach; unknown date; private collection

In honor of Women’s History Month, my article about female artists of the Hudson River School went live today on DailyArt Magazine – the online counterpart to the Daily Art app I’ve been writing for. My piece features six female landscape painters who worked in nineteenth century America. The inspiration for this article came from an essay I read while researching another project, as well as a recent exhibition catalogue on this subject from Hawthorne Fine Art in New York City. I had so much fun writing this that I’m planning a second installment some time soon. Believe it or not, there were quite a lot of female Hudson River School artists, and I can’t content myself to just write about six of them.

Read the article here. Thanks Zuzanna for asking me to write for you!

Update 2/13/2021: A biography of Eliza Pratt Greatorex, one of the artists in my article, has recently been released. It’s really excellent and talks about her numerous drawings and etchings that she published in several books, an aspect of her career I hadn’t previously known about, in addition to her landscape paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have attended several informative online lectures by the author and had a nice chat with her as well. Manthorne, Katherine. Restless Enterprise: The Art and Life of Eliza Pratt Greatorex. University of California Press, 2020. Click here to purchase it through Amazon. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, I only recommend books that I have personally read and enjoyed.)

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