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My Newport Adventure

IMG_5644 - Rosecliff
Rosecliff, built in 1902

If you’re wondering why it’s been quiet here on A Scholarly Skater, it’s because I’ve been out of town. I just returned from Newport, Rhode Island, where I saw eight spectacular Gilded Age mansions in three days!

So many mansions!

I’ve just downloaded all of my photos from the trip (425 in total), and I’m starting to write about my experiences. I’m going to be typing for a while, so enjoy a few photos in the meantime.

The Breakers’ foyer from the balcony. This house is nuts!

Since I’m never content to work on only one project or subject at a time, I’m also reading several wonderful books about Gothic cathedrals and working on an awesome art appreciation project with some help from a friend. All of that will be coming up as well.

A portrait of Lady Decies by Giovanni Boldoni. It’s on display at The Elms.
The Stanford White-designed dining room at Kingscote, with Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass.

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