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Introducing Online Courses with The Art Museum Insider

This just in: You can now take online courses about art at my new Teachable school, The Art Museum Insider!

After years of writing articles aiming to make art, museums, and art history feel more accessible to everyone, expanding into online education feels like a natural fit. My courses will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the same kinds of topics you already enjoy here on my blog.

My first offering is already available! Intro to Museums with The Art Museum Insider is a short course about how to have the best possible museum visit experience. It’s an extension of posts like “How to Have a Great Museum Visit” but updated and expanded to discuss everything from planning your visit to deciding whether to take a tour. It also includes a handout featuring tons of non-museum options for seeing art in person and from afar.

Additionally, an in-depth class about art appreciation is coming soon. Instead of the usual facts and stories behind art and artists, this course will teach you how to approach artworks through their visual components – building blocks like color and shape, representational and abstract content, meaning, function, and more.

What will come after that? I’m not sure yet, but I can tell you that the beginnings of a Gothic architecture course is already is my drafts folder. Have a topic you want me to consider? Drop it in the comments below. Or vote with your clicks. I’m more likely to develop a topic into an online course when similar posts have already been popular on this blog. Visit The Art Museum Insider website to view current offerings and sign up for email updates.

Want to Enjoy Art More? Take a course or get a guide.

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      1. I’m not doing great to be honest although the details are banal and not something to discuss in a public comment thread. My 2021 year-ender gives the public version as of last winter.

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