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Introducing Online Courses

You can now take online courses about art right here at A Scholarly Skater!

After years of writing articles aiming to make art, museums, and art history feel more accessible to everyone, expanding into online education feels like a natural fit. My courses share the same accessible, friendly approach you expect from my blog posts, only it’s now available in comprehensive online learning form.

Unlike other online art resources, which generally focus solely on facts, my programs teach skills you can use to interpret art, museums, and exhibitions for yourself. You’ll learn to approach art with confidence without expert knowledge, memorization, or years of intense study.

Students with all levels of art experience will benefit from this approach, which encourages looking closely, engaging with the art, thinking for yourself, and feeling confident in your conclusions. My courses empower everyone to become independent, confident art viewers by teaching them to think like art historians.

Browse current offerings below. Do you have a topic you want me to consider for a future course? Drop it in the comments below. Or vote with your clicks. The post topics that get the most attention are the most likely to become courses.


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