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Tour Great Architecture from Anywhere

Want to enjoy great architecture from your couch? I recently discovered a host of virtual tours of famous works of architecture. How cool is that? While you can never truly experience a place from a computer screen, it's nice to have the option when travelling to the site in person isn't in your schedule (or budget). All of the tours listed are 360° experiences, not just pictures.

Art Appreciation 101

How to Enjoy Art Absolutely for Free

A tight budget doesn't have to mean a life without art. There are some places that you can enjoy works of art absolutely for free. Some museums are simply free. I've been keeping a list. College and university art museums are often free to enter. (A few are not, so verify before you go.) Regional art museums… Continue reading How to Enjoy Art Absolutely for Free

Art Appreciation 101

Ask the Scholarly Skater

I recently polled my Facebook friends about their burning art-related questions. I got four great questions, for which I hope I gave four good answers. Do you have an art question you want answered? Let me know in the comments!   Question: Why do Greek and Roman gods always appear naked? Answer: Different cultures and religions… Continue reading Ask the Scholarly Skater

Art Appreciation 101

Why I Love Art, and You Will Too

If you're on the fence about whether art appreciation is for you, let these ten reasons encourage you to give it a try. Art can be beautiful. But it can also be not beautiful, if you’re more into that. Art makes you think. The most powerful works of art inspire deep and meaningful thoughts. Art lets you see… Continue reading Why I Love Art, and You Will Too

Art Appreciation 101

Art Appreciation 101: How to Look

  The first step in turning yourself into a bona-fide art connoisseur is learning how to look. While this might sound obvious, actively looking at what's in front of you isn't always easy. Fortunately, close looking is easy to learn and doesn't require any specialized knowledge. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at works… Continue reading Art Appreciation 101: How to Look