Intro to Museums

Become an art museum insider

Do you feel overwhelmed and intimidated in art museums? Have you had a bad museum experience in the past? Are you eager to see art but worried about feeling out of place?

If so, this course can help.

Visiting an art museum is a rewarding opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of beautiful and fascinating visual arts. However, it can also be an unsettling prospect for many viewers. Fortunately, planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and following simple suggestions can help you have a wonderful experience that you’ll be keen to repeat.

As an art historian, I’ve visited countless art museums and galleries. I’ve had some great times, some not-so-great ones, and everything in between. Here, I’ll give you my top tips in areas like:

  • Planning your trip
  • Basic museum etiquette and why it’s a win for everyone
  • Avoiding burnout
  • How to navigate and whether to take a guided tour

This course is designed for first-time museum visitors. It would be perfect for tourists, students, novice art aficionados, new city-dwellers, and anyone else who feels nervous about entering art museums. However, the course only covers the museum experience, not the art itself.

“I love the way that you wear your knowledge lightly, and emphasize the accessibility (and relevance) of art to everyone.” – Art books editor and Art Herstory founder Erika Gaffney


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