Art History

What is Provenance, and Why is It Important?

If you've been around the art world for a while, chances are that you've heard the term "provenance". If so, you've probably gotten the sense that it is important, but you may not know what it is or why it matters. Provenance is an artwork's history of ownership, and it help you determine if a work is genuine and honest.

Art Crimes

Art Crimes Awareness: Ebay and the Modern Forger

The Monuments Men Foundation for Art the Preservation of Art's facebook page, which by the way is one of the best resources out there for information about cultural heritage advocacy, recently linked to this article from The Daily Beast about art forgery on eBay. My first reaction was that anyone who thinks they're going to buy a Picasso on eBay… Continue reading Art Crimes Awareness: Ebay and the Modern Forger