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My Level-Headed Update on Notre-Dame de Paris, One Year After the Fire

It has been exactly one year since the horrible fire that almost destroyed the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. My article for DailyArt Magazine aims to be a balanced assessment of Notre-Dame's current status and also my celebration that the cathedral still stands on the first anniversary of its near destruction.

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The latest news about Notre-Dame is in my article for DailyArt Magazine

After last week's fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, I spent two days scouring the newspapers for the latest news about the church's fate. What resulted is probably the longest article I've written for DailyArt Magazine. Read it via the link below.

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I’ve Learned Not To Take Historic Treasures For Granted

As I'm sure all of you know by now, the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris caught on fire yesterday and suffered extensive damage. Yesterday's events made me appreciate what a true miracle it is that any ancient treasures survive at all. But just because they've gotten this far doesn't mean that they will always be around.

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Charles Meryon’s “Le Stryge” (a Grotesque)

Charles Méryon (1821-1868) was a very talented French etcher who is best known for his series of prints depicting Paris. (Etching is a form of printmaking.) One of his most famous prints depicts a grotesque on the façade of Notre-Dame de Paris. Apparently, Méryon's image is a big part of how this grotesque became so iconic.

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Gargoyle of the Day: Notre Dame de Paris

Today's grotesque is a true classic. The gargoyles of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris are neither the oldest nor the most interesting of their kind, but they have certainly become the most famous. The interior and exterior of this church, which was a major milestone in the history of Gothic architecture, were both rather creatively restored by Gothic Revival proponent… Continue reading Gargoyle of the Day: Notre Dame de Paris