The Gargoyle Appreciation Society

One of the most rewarding aspect of writing this blog has definitely been realizing how many other people share my fascination with gargoyles and grotesques! It has been so wonderful and surprising to hear friends and readers tell me they enjoy my gargoyle posts and miss them when I take a break from them. It only seems right that I should do something to connect all these gargoyle enthusiasts.

The Gargoyle Appreciation Society is a collaborative photo gallery of gargoyles, grotesques, and other architectural faces. You can use the form below to submit your photos for the enjoyment of gargoyle appreciators everywhere! You can also submit stories, resources, and anything else you think is appropriate.

Enjoy the photos right here!

The video below was submitted by reader Andrew Meadowsmith. He and his daughter wrote and performed this song in honor of gargoyles in May 2020. I’m so glad they shared it with me!

If we can come up with enough content, I might be inspired to do something fancier than this simple photo gallery. (How’s that for motivation?) So submit away!

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