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A Guide to Post-Impressionist Painting

The Style Is Best Known For Fruit by Paul Cezanne Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh Island life by Paul Gauguin Who, When, and What? The Post-Impressionist movement started in Paris around 1880. Almost all the key players were French or lived in France, though the ideas spread throughout Europe and eventually into North America. Post-Impressionism can be seen in painting… Continue reading A Guide to Post-Impressionist Painting

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A Guide to Gothic Architecture

    The Style is best known for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Chartres Cathedral in France Westminster Abbey in London Canterbury Cathedral in England. Where, When, and What? The Gothic style of architecture began in 12th-century France, but it soon spread to England and then throughout Europe. It became increasingly popular and elaborate over… Continue reading A Guide to Gothic Architecture

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A Guide to Impressionist Painting

The style is best known for Water lilies by Claude Monet Ballerinas by Edgar Degas Pretty ladies by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Mothers and children by Mary Cassatt. How to recognize it Paintings have a sketch-like or fuzzy appearance. Subjects are recognizable from a distance, but they dissipate into brush strokes as you get closer. Forms are flat,… Continue reading A Guide to Impressionist Painting