Gargoyles and Grotesques

A gargoyle on the Basilique du Sacré Coeur in Paris, France. Photo by Robert R Gigliotti via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Gargoyles – the amusing, fantastical, and sometimes creepy little stone creatures that often inhabit the drain spouts of medieval churches – are among my favorite things. Together with their similar-looking but non-functional cousins, the grotesques, gargoyles have long been a source of popular fascination. This is likely because of their quirky appearances, as well as the fact that they have consistently defied any generally-accepted interpretation. As a college student, I remember being told that attempting to find a convincing explanation for gargoyles, where so many academics have already failed, would be a fool’s errand. Naturally, I’ve been obsessed with the topic ever since. One day, I plan to write a book about gargoyles and their history from the Middle Ages through the present day . In the meantime, enjoy some gargoyle-related content.

  • The Gargoyles category is where you can all of my gargoyle-themed posts. You’ll find everything here from the story of medieval oxen grotesques on Laon Cathedral to gargoyles in today’s popular culture.
  • Field Guide to Gargoyles is a five-part introduction for beginning and advanced gargoyle lovers alike.
  • Gargoyle of the Day showcases a selection of fabulous gargoyles and grotesques. It’s no longer a regular feature, but there’s still lots to enjoy.
  • The Gargoyle Appreciation Society is a photo album I’ve been compiling. It features readers’ photos of gargoyles and grotesques they have encountered in their own lives.
  • To learn about the medieval buildings on which many gargoyles live, as well as related art of the same era, try the Medieval Art and Architecture category.

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