31 Days of Medieval Manuscripts

31 Days of Medieval Manuscripts


I’m proud to announce that I am participating in Write 31 Days, an annual event that challenges bloggers to write one post every day for the whole month of October. Participants are encouraged to select a specific topic to focus on during the challenge, and I have chosen medieval manuscripts. I’ve always loved Illuminated manuscripts, and I studied them extensively in college, but they often get pushed aside in favor of my more popular interest – gargoyles. My plan is to feature one or more selections from a different manuscript each day and talk a little bit about the history, function, and aesthetics of that manuscript. For those of you who are familiar with my Gargoyle of the Day feature, this will work in much the same way but most likely with a little more written content. As the month progresses, check this page for links to the manuscripts I post each day. Enjoy!

Daily post links are below! Enjoy!

Day One: The Book of Kells
Day Two: The Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux
Day Three: A Fourteenth-Century Italian Choir Book
Day Four: Text in Manuscripts
Day Five: The Black Hours
Day Six: Initials and Capital Letters
Day Seven: The Manuscript Collection of Jean de Berry
Day Eight: Medieval University Students' Textbooks
Day Eight: Medieval University Students’ Textbooks
Day Nine: The Worksop Bestiary
Day Ten: The Luttrell Psalter
Day Eleven: Marginalia (Marginal Illustration)
Day Twelve: Herbals
Day Thirteen: October in the Calendar Pages
Day Fourteen: Bindings
Day Fifteen: Roman de la Rose
Day Sixteen: Vernacular Literature
Day Seventeen: The Book of Durrow
Day Eighteen: What in the World?
Day Nineteen: Non-European Medieval
Day Twenty: The St. Cuthbert Gospel

Day Twenty-One: Medieval Pattern Books

Day Twenty-Two: Visigothic Script

Day Twenty-Three: Heart-Shaped Books
Day Twenty-Four: Weird Manuscripts
Day Twenty-Five: Lapidaries

Day Twenty-Six: The Morgan Library Crusader Bible

Day Twenty-Seven: The Hours of Catherine of Cleves

Day Twenty-Eight: Where to Enjoy Medieval Manuscripts Online
Day Twenty-Nine: Alchemical Manuscripts
Day Thirty: Apocalypse Manuscripts

Day Thirty-One: The Office of the Dead

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